Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sure We Got A Little Wet...

Twice, in fact, although the second time...let's just say I was glad to be in the vicinity of the car!

Besides the rain, take two gorgeous parents, pair them with two just •stunning• little beauties and mix in some adorable, colorful dresses and mix (you didn't need to have to add the water because it was going to be a great session nonetheless). I want to thank S & R for bringing out I & S and themselves for a fun session with Marmalade Photography.

Oh...I forgot to wish S a Happy Father's Day tomorrow. We somehow missed saying goodbye because, well, buckets of water were falling on our heads!! LOL. So Happy Father's Day...I hope the girls, all three of them, let you have some R&R and fun.

Now on with the sneak peeks. Enjoy!