Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Angels, My Pirates

There are two handsome little boys that live across the street from us, unfortunately they will be moving girls and my husband and I are so sad because they have really gotten to know each other over the course of the past year or so and those really cool playmates that you can be silly with and have fun with only come along once or twice in a lifetime. We're really going to miss these guys.

Anyway, the older boy, L, had a pirate themed party at the forest today. I was so excited and slightly envious of the early summer birthday because well, with winter bdays my girls never really will have that sort of celebration (except I think I *will* do a huge unBirthday party for them instead of the usual parties in the winter, something fun similar to that blog entry I posted awhile back). My girls had a blast picking out stuff to dress like a pirate, they wanted to look like a cross between famous Jack Sparrow (sigh, Johnny Depp) and Elizabeth (the equally hot if I played on that team, Ms. Knightley) a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for eye patches, bandanas, faux hoop earrings and fabric for a wrap produced this lovely ensemble when coupled with dresses I bought at Old Navy last year and some cool black boots they wore this past fall/winter from Target.

Tres chic for on the cheap girl pirate outfits. They weren't authentic or anything but they made me happy. So they did some posing with the pirate party boy and his best buds...
Too funny, look at the expression on their faces...I love the interaction. So the big point to all of this is for my clients who have had sessions at the forest. For those that don't know some of the beautiful images sessions there produce there are a number of fantastic little vignettes (for lack of a better term) that are natural, crumbling and just beautiful there. The infamous image of my daughters on the dock is from there (the first image from my childhood is...magical gallery on the flash website at is the first that comes to mind). The images from this spot are gorgeous however as all the clients who have been there will attest, the water is murky (at best) and not somewhere anyone with any real sense would want to go in....

Well my oldest, my most "full of life" child was in there, with the boys today on this nasty murky cloudy 65 degreed day. She is so funny, so full of life, so spontaneous and so into having fun. The kids started riding their bikes down this huge hill into the canal and well, the rest is history. Enjoy these real images of childhood and from a day that I hope my daughters will remember as one of the last few days they get to play with some of their childhood friends T & L.

Thanks for stopping in. Oh, Jackie, I hope you had fun at the reunion and that your friends enjoyed seeing your families images. I dug up that link for girls tutus for you, go ahead and link there now, it's under the heading of TUTUS in that area re: clothing discussions for mini sessions and regular sessions. :) Hope this helps.

Also if you are in the beginning stages of planning a birthday party go to this site to check out some awesome ideas as created by other parents. I found this site a few years back when I was digging up ideas for a huge Halloween party our family threw for friends and I love the stuff they have. You do some sifting through the bleh stuff but it's a totally great site to get ideas and inspiration from.

And here is a few for the bday boys' mom for her to look at if she comes to the blog to see her darlings!! :)