Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mini Session Availability

There is still some afternoon availability for our Limited Edition Mini Sessions, detailed here. Mini session date is June 22, a Friday and it is truly a wonderful way of diving into the Marmalade Photography experience. If you have dreamt and coveted a Marmalade Session but do not want to go the full session route the Limited Edition Session is truly an opportunity you DO NOT want to miss.
Clothing Choices

I will be sending out online packets of information for clients who book starting early to late next week. So be on the look out. However here are some fantastic ideas for you if you aren't sure what your child should wear. All these are courtesy of past clients who have thought "outside the box".

Tutus and other dress up fare are always a splendid way to have fun during your Marmalade Photography session. Dress up clothes, crowns, fairy wings, magic wands are all welcome!

The tutu that my friend Sophia (left) is wearing is from Prissy Poofs. Other tutu styles that I love are the petticoat tutus, some online vendors that sell these fantastic tutu styles are: Kaiya Eve and Sugar Baby. Sugar Baby also makes a cool little Rose Petal Tutu that is quite cute too! My friend, Michelle Walker who owns Little Girls Are Made Of, makes great tutus as well.

Alec (right) is wearing some cool cowboy gear that his mom had lying around the house. Sometimes we neglect to think that boys like to dress up too, and do they ever!! Many of my clients love the creativity that my work inspires, they go out of their way to truly showcase their child's personality.

Alec's session with his sister and brother was fantastic in terms of creativity. Their mom (a truly artsy type) got my style and brought armloads and armloads of clothing to our session as well as meaningful vintage items. The time it takes for a mini session is short so obviously there won't be tons of clothing changes, however you should think a little outside the box in terms of creativity so that we can partner up to create fun, whimsical images that showcase your child's personality. That is something we can definitely tackle in a short time span. So if your child has a real 'personality' I would love to see it showcased in our fun time together.

"Bare feet always welcome", no joke. My session with little Madeline and her sister last week really showcased the fun of contrasts. Dress up clothing mixed in with a bit of rustic style. You can scroll down to see some images from their session in the forest in the next post or two.

HATS!!! Love them.

Again to my session with Madeline as mentioned above...she wore this brown straw cowboy hat (left) from Gymboree at our session together, if you do a quick search for hats on the Gymboree site you'll come up with no less than half a dozen adorable sun hat styles!

This shot (right) was quickly snapped at one of my most sought after locales, the Garden. The beautiful red jumper and white peter pan collared blouse are by Ralph Lauren, the outfit was even more spectacular when the three sisters in matching outfits played ring around the rosy in the wide open field behind the Garden. This hat isn't an instant favorite until paired with the delicate nature of the outfit and it looks right at home in the midst of the Garden filled with lavendar, salvia and heather. Just looking at this image takes me back to that moment and the sweet smell in the humid evening in July air. Great places to purchase knit hats can be found at Etsy where there are TONS of crafty items for sale (once you go there you just can't stop looking). The Red Balloon Co. sells adorable knit hats by Lafolie (check out their site for beautiful items galore) that are, in a word, GORGEOUS. My pals Annabel and Julia shop at The Red Balloon Co. and every time I see them for a session I am blown away by the cuteness factor in their outfits!!

So it's really all about texture, color, style and fun. Tattered blue jeans, frilly skirts, cotton prairie skirts, capes, play swords, balloons...all are welcome.

You are not like everyone else, don't you want the images and memories of your family and children's childhood to reflect your fun unique style?