Friday, May 18, 2007

The LIMITED EDITION Marmalade Mini Sessions @ The Studio
We are proud to announce our limited edition, ONE day mini session event. It will be held on Friday, June 22. Only a few spots are available for booking for this extraordinary event so call 815.603.8450 to schedule. Sessions will start at 10 a.m. and continue to 4 p.m. on the half hour.

What is a mini session, you may ask? A mini session is essentially time with Marianne in front of the camera for a miniaturized version of our typical portrait art experience. Our typical sessions last upwards of one and a half to two hours...the mini sessions allow for 15-20 minutes being photographed, enough time for one (maximum two) children to be photographed.

Is there going to be a theme, like I see at some other portrait studios? We are conducting this first mini session experience to premier our new lovely purple sofa in studio. We will then take a few minutes outdoors in and around the historic downtown Wilmington area and photograph your child amongst the urban beauty that is so apparent in this 1800ish little town. A little bit of indoor shots and some outdoor shots.

How long will the mini photography session last? This limited edition portrait session will be completed at our Wilmington studio and will last 15-20 minutes. Enough time after your mini session for a day of exploration in our area filled with conservation land and antiquing for you and your family. In studio we will be providing a list of things to do/things to explore while in the area. There is fishing, hiking, exploration of thousands and thousands of acres of conservation lands including the Midewein Tallgrass Prairie and DesPlaines River Wildlife Recreation Area, exploring historic Route 66 (and the big astronaut located at the Launching Pad restaurant, a total hit with boys (but my girls love him too)), antiquing....truly there is so much to do in and around the area of our studio. If you like small towns, you'll love the experience. If you love nature, you'll go crazy over the options for exploration.

What can I expect? At time of booking, when you reserve your session you are required to pay the mini portrait session fee to hold your spot. We ask you arrive 10 minutes before your session time in order to get prepped/ready for your mini session. 15-20 minutes with the photographer getting a TASTE of the Marmalade Photography experience, you are free to go and explore the rest of the historic area that our studio is amongst.

Afterwards, you will be presented with up to 10 images from your session in a convenient online format within a 2 week time frame. At that time you may select your images from the three collections presented and any additional purchases. We are presenting a limited edition selection of a la carte items that may be purchased at the time of ordering alongside your collection that you receive with your mini session.

Each mini session is being offered at $295 which includes your time with the photographer and a selection of three collections. We also are offering a limited edition session a la carte list of options to allow for add on's to your portrait selections. This is a limited offer so please keep this in mind if you are contemplating a booking. Our normal session fees for the typical Marmalade Photography sessions are $175 or $295 if it's an on location (your location) shoot, so even without doing the math you can see that a mini session is a spectacular way to get really great updated photographs of your children.

I have three, four, five children, how do I go about having them photographed? In the amount of time allotted it is near impossible to get that many children photographed in a manner that we feel lives up to the standard that we strive for. If you would like to book 2-consecutive mini sessions we welcome that and feel that perhaps you should also consider booking a Marmalade Session (either Urban Studio or Marmalade Location or On Location) to achieve the best results for your larger family.

Call & Book Today. Availability is limited and this may be the only chance you get to experience Marmalade Photography custom, fine art photography services in a Limited Edition session experience!


What to wear?

We love texture! We love dress up clothes! We love kids being kids. With that in mind, if you want to bring along a dress up outfit for a few shots during this fleeting time of "make believe" in your child's life we'd LOVE it. Solid colors are always a safe choice..but because the session is all about your child we typically shy away from patterns that take away from your child's beauty. It's not a bad idea to choose clothing that is classic in style as it tends to create a more timeless look, especially in black & white. Textured fabrics photograph beautifully. Cashmere and other thicker knits have a luxurious warm and soft qualities. For the classic relaxed look, denim is a great choice and photographs remarkably well.

If the photograph includes more than one individual, remember to coordinate clothing so that everyone is dressed in a similar style and choose clothing that is similar in tone and not in contrast to one another.

Portrait Collections: ALL our image art comes to you sprayed & mounted (an archival and heirloom presentation that is several notches above others) You can mix & match poses for your selection unless detailed otherwise:

a) 1-11x14 & 2-8x10 or smaller from your session
b) 1-16x20 & 8 wallets
c) 3-8x10s (mixed poses) & 1-5x7 & 8 wallets (same pose for wallets as one of the larger prints)

a la carte options will include the availability to purchase a 10x20 storyboard at our regular prices, image art purchases to 20x30 sizing and limited availability of some of our more custom gallery wrap pieces (available for viewing at the studio the day of your session).