Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's Coming Along

Thankfully April is still a little light as far as sessions go (and I'm keeping it that way, SO much work to do in my new studio space)...we have our first coat of mudding on the drywall already. The walls are all built up. It's starting to look like something!! I'm so excited and my clients that are booked for mid May, June and July who are doing either Marmalade Studio sessions or Marmalade Location sessions seem just as excited as I am!

On that note, May has only 3 sessions left for booking. June is filling up fast, there is, however, still a handful of session dates available. July is *almost* booked (I have a client calling back this week to book that last day but it's not set in stone so if you are interested in a July date, please call this week). My schedule has filled faster this late spring-early summer season and I thank all my clients who have been referring me to their friends and family. In truth, that is the highest compliment that anyone could pay me, referring Marmalade Photography to your friends and loved ones.

I think my studio will add further to the experience of a portrait session with Marmalde Photography and am so excited about the future and what it holds. I have big plans so everyone hold on and come along for the ride!! ;)

These images are from last weekend, I haven't gotten any images up from the drywall portion of the "build". Didn't the floors turn out fantastic? My landlord did a fantastic job considering the subfloor beneath was so not level...