Thursday, February 23, 2006


The beauty of life is that we pass knowledge down from one generation to the next. I've been noticing that my daughter, now a kindergartner, is more advanced than I (or anyone of my generation that I know) was at her age.

I ponder this because today I went to a parent-teacher conference for her. Her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. W. told me the requisite information that they give about your child and then we got into a conversation about plans for the upcoming months. The child is reading! I don't remember reading at her age. Then again, I suppose, when I was in kindergarten the parents of my generation were astounded at what we were learning at that time. You know taking that half hour nap, eating snacks and playtime! :-D

Seriously though, the kids in my daughter's kindergarten are exposed to concepts in math and reading. Stuff that I didn't see or hear about until first or maybe second grade. Kids are so smart, they are almost only limited by what we expose (or not) them to. I love that everyday is a new day and everyday she learns something new.

I have also made it my own quest to learn more every day. Be it about photography or any of my other passions...learning is key for my own betterment. I always have believed that the day I stop being challenged, the day I stop learning may as well be the day I die.

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