Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thoughts on a blustery, snowy day...

I was very fortunate in being able to shadow for a wedding shoot on Saturday. A fellow photog, John, let me shadow him on a wedding shoot. It was fun! Dare I say, sort of addicting? What a day to shoot pictures, everyone in their pretty clothes, most people on their best behavior and a very radiant bride. Because this is someone else's shoot I don't feel comfortable with posting any photos of the event on the internet but I will say the few that I got to edit had turned out lovely.

Last week I travelled up to Calumet Photo and purchased some (ahem) more equipment. I bought a few lenses that I had been coveting for a long time and got an additional camera, the 5D. VERY cool. I haven't had much opportunity to play with it and am looking forward to exploring the inner workings of this huge megapixel camera!

I have been busy editing some promotional postcards detailing the newest promotion. Buy 2 prints, get a 3rd free OR buy 1 package, get 25% (already discounted package pricing) off the second package or additional prints. This promotion will run through mid February. If you're interested, now is the time to book as there are limited appointments available. Mention the LOVE promo to receive this offer, as I am extending it to visitors to the blog and postcard recepients.

Finally, here's a photo to warm your heart on this cold and snowy afternoon, taken at the Lincoln Park Zoo in early fall (through very dirty glass that needed to be Photoshopped out):

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