Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Q & A ....with Cliff

I have been brainstorming a bit this past few months about how to uniquely showcase some clients and their sessions but still make it about *them*. So I came up with the idea of the occasional Q&A session from some recent (and perhaps some not so recent) sessions. So thanks to Cliff for participating in my first run at this. Enjoy!

1. If you were stranded on a desert island with a 6 month old baby and only ONE type of product to have on hand, what would it be? (other than the "necessities" like baby wipes and diaper and formula and jarred food...hey wait! That's some desert isle there!)

CLIFF: A mommy. Babies and Daddies can’t live without them. Other than that I guess you would need lot’s of sunscreen.

2. When you go do some stuff on the weekends, what is your favorite kid related activity for you and your family? Alternately, where do you like taking the kids to blow off some kid energy?

CLIFF: I think my favorite kid activity is really just playing any sort of way my daughter wants to play. She is pretty creative and it’s fun to follow her lead. For blowing off kid steam, one of the funnest places to go is the Chicago Botanic Gardens. They have a fun “I Spy” game for kids to play as they walk around the gardens. Lot’s of walking and exploring to do there and Lily loves it.

3. What is the one "dad related" item in your house you can't live without? It can't be a person or thing...has to be an item.

CLIFF: Not sire what the difference in a thing and an item is, but I think everyone in the house would tell you that I spend way to much time with my computer! The thing I personally can’t live without is my camera. Photographs capture a moment in life. Photographs jog your memory and bring a moment back to life every time you look at them.
(note: I wrote the Q's in the wee hours of the a.m., and I also have no idea what the difference is between a thing and an item either!)

4. When your wife needs a day off from the kids (which I'm sure happens from time to time), what do you feel she likes to do to blow off some steam and decompress from mom-ville?

CLIFF: Get away and be lavishly pampered from time to time. For a quick recharge, simply getting away from all of us is all it takes – even if it’s just a trip to the store!

5. What was the best Father's Day gift you got this past Sunday?

CLIFF: An afternoon nap with my daughter Lily. What could top that?
(sidenote: I really thought you were going to tell me you got a new lens!! :) I should put the buzz in your wife's ear for next year.)

6. What are your top two fave images from your session? Why?

CLIFF: I have to pick just two? One of my favorites is of Lily in her playroom. She loves playing in there and she will be able to look at that photo forever and remember how much fun she had in that space. I also really like the photo of Lily walking down the hall towards her room. It’s such a great candid photo that captures life in our home at this time. It’s a photo that I will look at forever and remember this time in this home.